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Solved Paper

RRB Group D Model Question Paper

RRB Group D Model Question Paper

If You Are Looking To Download Railway Question Paper In Hindi Group D , Railway Examination Question Paper With Answer Pdf, Then In This Post You Have Given Very Important Question Answer In The Railway Exams In A Line. Questions Are Asked In The Examinations And Will Also Be Asked In The Forthcoming Examinations. Important Questions Of General Knowledge Answer: If You Want To Download As A PDF, Then From Your Computer’s Keyboard You Can Save It By Pressing CTRL + P , And If You Want To Save It In Your Phone Then You Can Take A Screenshot Of This Page And Save It.

1. Rashtrapati Bhawan Is Located On The Ramsina Heel .
2. The Origin Of River Damodar Is The Plateau Of Chota Nagpur .
3. Midnight’s Children’s Roles Are Salman Rushdie .
4. The Indus Valley Civilization Relates To Kansiyug .
5. Stainless Steel Is The Alloy Of Steel And Chromium .
6. Shekel Is The Currency Of Israel .
7. The Most Essential Feature Of The Parliamentary Form Of Government Is The Sovereignty Of The Parliament .
8. The English Channel Isolated France And England.
9. A Zone Of Kolkata’s Metro Railway Was Created In 2010 .
10. Napoleon Bonaparte Is Known As Little Corpollar.
11. The President Can Nominate 12 Members For The Rajya Sabha.
12. Garba Is The Dance Style Of Gujarat .
13. Written By Jhumpa Lahiri , The Book ‘Uncustomed Earth’
14. The World’s Largest Delta Is The Sundarbans .
15. Arjuna Award Is Given For Unique Performance In The Games.

16. The Newly Created 29th State Of India Is Telangana .
17. The Chemical Name For The Salt Used In The Kitchen Is Sodium Chloride .
18. The Famous Mama Bhanja Temple Is Located In Barasur District (Chhattisgarh).
19. It Is Easier To Swim In The Sea Than The River, Because The Density Of Sea Water Is Higher Than The River’s Water.
20. Uranium Is Found To Be The Main Ingredient In Pitch Blade Ore.
21. The Relation Of The Silver Revolution Is From The Production Of Eggs .
22. Aga Khan Is Related To The Trophy Hockey Game.
23. India Was Connected To The United Nations In 1945 .
24. Ghajini’s Mohamud Attacked India 17 Times.
25. Raigad Is The Capital Of The State Of Shivaji.
26. Dronacharya Award Is Given To The Sports Instructor .
27. Mareseillouse Is France’s National Anthem.
28. Kanyakumari Is The Railway Station Located In The Rest Of The Southern Part Of The Country.
29. The Energy Generated In The Nuclear Reaction Is Expressed By The Principles Of Einstein .
30. Sri Lanka Was Formerly Called Ceylon .

31. India’s Largest Vocal Garden Is In Kolkata .
32. The Process Of Joining The Internet Account Is Called Log .
33. Raja Udayan First Made Patali His Capital.
34. The United Nations Organization Was The Result Of World War II .
35. The Famous Hindu Pilgrimage Place Is In Amarnath Kashmir .
36. The Indian Super League Is Related To Hockey .
37. The Mammal Has Four Cells In The Heart.
38. The World’s Smallest Country Is Vatican City .
39 The Unit Of Measuring Electrical Resistance Is Ohm .
40. India’s Highest Military Honor Is The Param Vir Chakra .
41. The Upper Limit For Appointment As A Judge Of The Supreme Court Is 65 Years .
42. The Speed Of Light Was Measured By Römer .
43. The Parliament Adopted The Indian Constitution In The Year 1950 .
44 World Peace Stupa Is Located In Rajgir .
45. NASA’s Famous Space Telescope Is Named HUBBLE .

46. Forward Block Was Founded By Subhash Chandra Bose .
47 Imaginary Superhero Spider I Am The Real Name Of Peter Parker .
48. The Supreme Court Is The Patron Of The Fundamental Rights Mentioned In The Indian Constitution.
49. Three Famous Buddhist Sites, Ratan Giri, Lalit Giri And Uggagiri Are Located In Orissa .
50 The Origin Of The Famous Gayatri Mantra Is From Rigveda .
51 Heavy Water Is Used As A Diluent .
52. The Ancient Sacred Scrip

52. The Ancient Sacred Scripture Of The Distant Buddhists Is.
53. Nitrogen Gas Is Used In An Electric Bulb.
54 According To Dadabhai Naoroji, Swaraj Means Self-Rule .
55 The Outermost Layer Of The Sun Is Called The Photo Phere.
56. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Had Fought A Civil War For The Abolition Of Slavery .
57 The Lady Of Azad Hind Fauj Was Under The Command Of The Regiment Rani Regiment , Lakshmi Sehgal.
58 Graphite And Diamond Are The Corpus Of Carbon .
59 Implementation Of Jawahar Rozgar Yojana Depends On The Central Government .
60 Asia Is The Largest Continent Of The World.

61. After The Defeat In World War I, Germany Signed The Treaty Of Versailles.
62. First World War Period 1914-18
63 The Panchatantra Was Written By Vishnu Sharma .
64. The Term Of The Finance Commission Is Of 5 Years .
65 At The Time Of Independence, The Constitution Was Drafted By The President Of The Constitution, BR Ambedkar .
66. Jaiprakash Narayan Is Known As Lok Nayak.
67. Article-I Of The Constitution Describes India As A Federal State.
68. One Calorie Heat Will Be Needed To Increase The Temperature Of 1 Gm To 1 Degree Celsius.
69. Pimpri Is Related To Newsprint.
70 The Right To Constitutional Remedies Falls Under The Fundamental Rights .

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