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Physics Quiz Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) With answers

Physics Quiz Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) With Answers

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of Physics Quiz That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The Physics Quiz. Therefore, Here Have Provided The Physics Quiz Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) With Answers In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. The Frequency Of Ultrasound Wave Is Typically
• Above 20000 KHz
• Above 20 KHz
• Below 20 KHz
• Below 02 KHz
Below 20 KHz

2. Among The Following Materials Sound Travels Fastest In

• Air
• Steel
• Vacuum
• Water

3. Energy Is Continuously Created In The Sun Due To:

• Nuclear Fusion
• Nuclear Fission
• Radioactivity
• Artificial Radioactivity
nuclear Fusion

4. Eclipses Occur Due To Which Optical Phenomena?

• Reflection
• Refraction
• Rectilinear Propagation
• Diffraction
Rectilinear Propagation

5. The Phenomenon Of Light Associated With The Appearance Of Blue Colour Of The Sky Is

• Reflection
• Scattering
• Refraction
• Interference

6. Sun’s Heat Reaches Us By

• Radiation
• Convection
• Reflection
• Conduction

7. The Fuse In Pure Domestic Electric Circuit Melts When There Is A High Rise In

• Resistance
• Inductance
• Current
• Capacitance

8. According To The Theory Of Relativity Which Of The Following Alt Ways Remains Constant ?

• Length Of An Object
• Time
• Velocity Of Light
• Space
Velocity Of Light

9. Two Waves Each Of Amplitude 5 Mm And Frequency 10 Hz Are Travelling In Opposite Direction With A Speed Of 20 Mms. The Distance In Mm Between Adjacent Nodes Is :

• 0
• 2
• 3
• 5

10. What Is The Principle Of A Life Jacket?

• It Increases The Volume Of The Person To Keep Him Afloat
• It Provides Oxygen To A Drowning Person
• It Decreases The Volume Of The Person To Keep Him Afloat
• The Person Can Sit On It Like A Raft
It Increases The Volume Of The Person To Keep Him Afloat
11. Negative Feedback In Amplifiers
• Decreases Bandwidth And Increases Noise
• Increases Bandwidth And Decreases Noise
• Decreases Bandwidth And Decreases Noise
• Increases Bandwidth And Increases Noise
increases Bandwidth And Decreases Noise

12. Electron Microscope Was Invented By

• C.P. Swanson
• Leeuwenhoek
• Knoll And Ruska
• Robert Koch
Knoll And Ruska

13. Water Cannot Be Used To Extinguish Fire Caused By Electric Current Because

• It May Cause Electrocution
• It May Cause Hydrolysis
• It May Cause Electrolysis
• It May Spoil The Wiring
it May Cause Electrocution
14. What Is Found In Frequency Modulation?
• Fixed Dimension
• Change In Frequency And Dimension
• Fixed Frequency
• Change In Dimension Only
Fixed Frequency

15. Energy Of Ultraviolet Rays Is Great Than

• Gamma Rays
• X-Rays
• Infrared Rays
• Cosmic Rays
Infrared Rays

16. For A Person Having Hyper Metropia The Near Point Is

• Greater Than 50 Cm
• Greater Than 25 Cm
• Less Than 25 Cm
• Infinity
greater Than 25 Cm

17. Therm Is The Unit Of

• Heat
• Light
• Distance
• Power

18. The Slope Of A Velocity Time Graph Represents

• Distance
• Displacement
• Acceleration
• Speed

19. A Simple Microscope Consists Of

• A Short Focus Concave Lens
• A Long Focus Convex Lens
• A Long Focus Concave Lens
• A Short Focus Convex Lens
a Short Focus Convex Lens

20. Woollen Cloth Protects The Body From Cold Because

• It Reflects Heat
• It Is A Poor Conductor Of Heat
• External Heat Rays Enter Into The Body Through The Woolen Cloth
• It Is A Good Conductor Of Heat
it Is A Poor Conductor Of Heat

21. The Propagation Of Sound Waves In A Gas Involves

• Adiabatic Compression And Rarefaction
• Isothermal Compression And Rarefaction
• Isochoric Compression And Rarefaction
• Isobaric Compression And Rarefaction
adiabatic Compression And Rarefaction
22. Vehicle Tyres Are Inflated Properly
• To Ensure Smooth Running.
• To Avoid Skidding And To Minimize Friction
• To Allow The Vehicle To Take More Load.
• To Go Fast And Save Fuel.
to Avoid Skidding And To Minimize Friction

23. Moving Electric Charge Produces :

• Magnetic Field
• Sound Waves
• Light Rays
• Heat Waves
magnetic Field
24. The Spoon Dropped By An Astronaut In A Satellite Will
• Remain Stationary
• Continue To Follow The Motion Of The Satellite
• Move Tangentially Away
• Fall To The Floor
continue To Follow The Motion Of The Satellite
25. The Sky Appears Blue Because
• In White Light The Blue Component Dominates
• The Atmosphere Scatters Blue Colour More Than The Others
• All Colours Interfere To Produce Blue
• It Is Actually Blue
the Atmosphere Scatters Blue Colour More Than The Others

26. The Magnifying Power Of An Astronomical Telescope Can Be Decreased By

• Increasing The Focal Length Of The Objective
• Decreasing The Focal Length Of The Eyepiece
• Increasing The Focal Length Of The Eyepiece
• None Of These
increasing The Focal Length Of The Eyepiece

27. The Part Of The Eye Having The Larges Refractive Index Is :

• Cornea
• Aqueous Humor
• Lens
• Vitreous Humor

28. Name The Process Of Production Of Energy In The Sun

• Radioactivity
• Nuclear Fission
• Nuclear Fusion
• Ionization
Nuclear Fusion

29. Intensity Of Gravitational Field Of Earth Is Maximum At

• Equator
• Centre Of Earth
• Surface
• Poles

30. Pipelines In Cold Countries Often Burst In Winter Because

• Temperature Of Ice Is Less Than That Of Water
• Water Freezes And Expands In Its Volume
• Pipelines Contract In Their Volume
• Pipelines Expand Due To Freezing
water Freezes And Expands In Its Volume
31. On Which Of The Following Techniques Photo State Machine Works ?
• Thermal Image Making
• Electrostatic Image Making
• Magnetic Imager Making
• Electromagnetic Image Making
Electrostatic Image Making

32. The Density Of The Liquid When Heated

• Increases
• Decreases
• Does Not Change
• May Increase Of Decrease Depending On Pressure

33. Which One Of The Following Instruments Is Used To Study Dispersion Of Light ?

• Spectrometer
• Photometer
• Telescope
• Microscope

34. The Modulus Of Rigidity Is The Ratio Of

• Tensile Stress To Tensile Strain
• Shearing Stress To Shearing Strain
• Volume Stress To Volume Strain
• Longitudinal Stress To Longitudinal Strain
shearing Stress To Shearing Strain
35. The Reason For A Swimming Pool To Appear Less Deep Than The Actual Depth Is
• Light Scattering
• Refraction
• Reflection
• Interference
36. An Ice Block With A Piece Of Lead Embedded In It Floats In Water. If Ice Melts The Water Level
• Falls
• Rises
• Remains Same
• Falls First And Then Rises

37. The Density Of Gas Is Maximum At

• Low Temperature High Pressure
• Low Temperature Low Pressure
• High Temperature Low Pressure
• High Temperature High Pressure
Low Temperature High Pressure

38. Mist Is Caused By

• Ice At Low Temperature
• Water Vapour At Low Temperature
• Carbon Monoxide In Solid Form
• Dry Ice
water Vapour At Low Temperature

39. Who Among The Following Developed The Technology Of Underground Nuclear Explosion ?

• Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
• Dr. Horn J. Bhabha
• Dr. Raja Ramanna
• Dr. P. K. Iyengar
Dr. Horn J. Bhabha
40. Necessary Element Of Change In Solar Energy To Electric Energy
• Beryllium
• Silicon
• Tantelum
• Pure Copper

41. Which Of The Following Laws Validates The Statement That Matter Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed ?

• Le Chateliers Principle
• Law Of Conservation Of Mass
• Law Of Osmosis
• Law Of Conservation Of Energy
Law Of Conservation Of Mass
42. SHOCK ABSORBERS Are Usually Made Of Steel Because :
• Has Lower Elasticity
• Has No Ductile Property
• Has Higher Elasticity
• Is Not Brittle
has Higher Elasticity

43. Wollen Clothes Keep The Body Warm Because

• Wool Rejects Heat From The Outer Objects
• Wool Absorbs Radiant Heat From Outer Objects
• Wool Is A Bad Conductor
• Wool Increases The Temperature Of The Body
Wool Is A Bad Conductor
44. Which Type Of Reaction Produces The Most Harmful Radiation ?
• Fusion Reaction
• Fission Reaction
• Chemical Reaction
• Photo Chemical Reaction
Fission Reaction

45. The Device Used To Change The Speed Of An Electric Fan Is

• Regulator
• Switch
• Rectifier
• Amplifier

46. When The Main Switch Of The House Is Put Off It Disconnects The

• Live Wire And The Earth Wire
• Live Wire And The Neutral Wire
• Earth Wire And The Neutral Wire
• Live Wire Only
live Wire And The Neutral Wire

47. A Kilowatt-Hour Is Unit Of

• Power
• Electric Charge
• Energy
• Electric Current

48. The Audio Signals Of TV Are

• Unmodulated
• Velocity Modulated
• Amplitude Modulated
• Frequency Modulated
Frequency Modulated
49. Who Defined The Law Of Gravitation?
• Archimedes
• Newton
• Galileo
• Faraday

50. Which Of The Following Circuit Elements Is Used To Block DC In An Electronic Circuit ?

• Diode
• Capacitance
• Inductance
• Resistances

If You Are Preparing For The Physics Quiz, We Have Provided The Questions Answer In The Post As A Mock Test .It’s Related To Physics Quiz Questions And Answers For High School College Physics Quiz Physics Quiz Online Physics Quiz Questions For College Students High School Physics Questions And Answers. If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions About Them Or If You Want To Know More About This So, Please Comment Below.

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