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SSC Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers

SSC Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of SSC History Exam That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The SSC History Exam. Therefore, Here Have Provided The SSC Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. Who Was The Viceroy When Delhi Became The Capital Of British India?
• Load Curzon
• Lord Hardinge
• Lord Minto
• Lord Waveli
Lord Hardinge

2. Who Were The First Kings To Issue Gold Coins Iii India?

• Mauryas
• Guptas
• Indo Greeks
• Kushans
Indo Greeks

3. What Is The Name Of The Fort Built By The English In Calcutta ?

• Fort St. David
• Fort St. Andrew
• Fort Victoria
• Fort William
Fort William

4. The Ramakrishna Mission Was Founded By

• Dayanand Saraswati
• Keshab Chandra
• Ram Mohari Roy
• Vivekananda

5. The Saka Era Commencing From A.D. 78 Was Founded By

• Asoka
• Chandragupta
• Kanishka
• Vikramaditya

6. Who Was The French Governor Of Pondicherry Who Tried To Make The French Company As A Powerful Company ?

• Godeheu
• La Bourdonnais
• Joseph Francois Dupleix
• Thomas Arthur Comte De Laky
Joseph Francois Dupleix

7. Who Of The Following Became A Member Of The Din-Ailahi?

• Todarmal
• Raja Birbal
• Raja Man Singh
• Tansen
Raja Birbal

8. The First Woman To Become A Chief Minister Of Any State In India Was

• Dr. J. Jayalalith A
• Sucheta Kripalani
• Ms. Mayawati
• Nandini Satpathy
Sucheta Kripalani

9. The Noncooperation Movement Started In

• 1870
• 1921
• 1942
• 1920

10. During Which Gupta Kings Reign Did The Chinese Traveller Fahien Visit India ?

• Chandra Gupta I
• Chandra Gupta II
• Samudra Gupta
• Kumara Gupta
Chandra Gupta II

11. Who Started The Saka Era Which Is Still Used By The Government Of India?

• Asoka
• Vikramaditya
• Samudra Gupta
• Kanishka

12. Which Was The Main Cause Far Starting Of The Quit India Movement In 1942?

• Severe Unrest Among The People
• Failure Of The Cripps Mission
• Report Of Simon Commission
• British Involved In The World War Ll
Failure Of The Cripps Mission

13. With Which Of The Following Is The Classic Jivaka Chintamani In Tamil Associated ?

• Jainism
• Buddhism
• Hinduism
• Christianity

14. Find The Incorrect Match Among The

• Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University
• Sir Syed Murtza Khan Aligarh Muslim University
• Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru University
• Madan Mohan Malviya Ba Naras Hindu University
Sir Syed Murtza Khan Aligarh Muslim University

15. During British Rule Who Was Instrumental For The Introduction Of The Ryotwari System In The Madras Presidency ?

• Macartney
• Elphinstone
• Thomas Munro
• John Lawrence
Thomas Munro

16. In Which Year Did Gandhiji Start Satyagraha Movement ?

• 1934
• 1919
• 1927
• 1942

17. The Founder Of The Arya Samaj Was

• Raja Ram Mohan Roy
• Annie Besant
• Vivekananda
• Dayanand Saraswati
Dayanand Saraswati

18. Who Is Called As The Second Ashoka?

• Chandra Gupta Maurya
• Samudra Gupta
• Kanishka
• Harshavardhana

19. Socialism Is Essentially A Movement Of

• Intellectuals
• The Workers
• The Middle Classes
• The Poor People
the Workers

20. When Was The All India Womens Conference Founded

• 1924
• 1925
• 1926
• 1927

21. Who Founded The Gadar Party In San Francisco In The USA?

• Lala Lazpat Rai
• Azad Singh
• Bipin Chandra Paul
• Lala Hardayal
Lala Hardayal

22. Identify The Buddhist Literature From The Following

• Tripitakas
• Upanishads
• Angas
• Aranyakas

23. Off The Following Scholars Who Was The First To Discovr The Tracesof The Harappan Civilisation?

• Sir John Marshall
• Daya Ram Sahani
• A Cunningham
• R. D. Banerji
A Cunningham

24. Who Was The Founder Of Satya Shodak Sabha In Maharashtra ?

• Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar
• Dr. Atmaram Pandurang
• Gopal Baba Wala
• Jyothiba Phule
Jyothiba Phule

25. Who Was The First Indian Governer General After Lord Mountbatten?

• Jawaharlal Nehru
• Rajendra Prasad
• C. Rajagopalachari
• Pattabi Sitaramayya
C. Rajagopalachari

26. During Quit India Movement Parallel Government Was Constituted At

• Allahabad
• Balla
• Lucknow
• Varanasi

27. The Battle Of Plassey Was Fought Between

• East India Company And Shujauddaula
• East India Company And Sirajuddaula
• East India Company And An Waruddin
• East India Company And Shah Alam
East India Company And Sirajuddaula

28. Who Was The Other Congress Leader Who Joined With Motilal Nehru To Start The Swaraj Party In 1923 ?

• M.K. Gandhi
• B.G. Tilak
• Chittaranjan Das
• G.K. Gokhale
Chittaranjan Das

29. The Governor General Of India Impeached By The House Of Commons In England Was

• Waaren Hastings
• Cornwallis
• Wellesley
• William Bentick
Waaren Hastings

30. The First Indian Ruler Who Established The Supremacy Of Indian Navy In The Arabian Sea Was

• Kulottungal
• Raja Rajendra
• Raja Rajal
• Raja Dhiraj
Raja Rajal

31. Who Was The Nawab When Dalhousie Annexed Awadh In 1856?

• Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah
• Wajid All Shah
• Shujaud Daula
• Alivardi Khan
Alivardi Khan

32. When Did The British Make English The Medium Of Instruction In India ?

• 1833
• 1844
• 1813
• 1835

33. The First Country Which Discovered Sea Route To India Was

• Portugal
• Dutch
• French
• Britain

34. Whom Did Bal Gangadhar Tilak Refer To As His Political Guru ?

• Ram Mohan Roy
• Sisir Kumar Ghosh
• Swami Vivekananda
• Dadabhai Naoroji
Swami Vivekananda

35. Where Did Lord Buddha Breathe His Last?

• Bodh Gaya
• Samath
• Kushinagar
• Rajgir

36. Select The Correct Order

• Nizamuddin Auliya Kabir Mirabai Tulsidas
• Mirabai Kabir Nizamuddin Auliya Tulsidas
• Kabir Nizamuddin Auliya Tulsidas Mirabai
• Tulsidas Mirabai Kabir Nizamuddin Auliya
Nizamuddin Auliya Kabir Mirabai Tulsidas

37. The Assam State Derives Its Name From That Of A Tribe That Conquered The Region. Where Did The Tribesmen Come From ?

• Tibet
• Mongolia
• Burma (Now Myanmar)
• Siam (Now Thailand)
Siam (Now Thailand)

38. The First Muslim Women Who Ruled Northern India Was

• Nurjahan
• Mumtaz
• Razia Sultana
• None Of The Above
Razia Sultana

39. After Alexanders Death The Eastern Part Of His Empire Came Under

• Menander
• Seleucus Nicator
• Rudradaman
• Rudradaman
Seleucus Nicator

40. On April 12 1944 Subhash Chandra Bose Hoisted The INA Flag In A Town. In Which State Union Territory Is That Town Now ?

• Manipur
• Mizoram
• Tripura
• Andaman And Nicobar Islands

41. Yavanika Or Curtain Was Introduced In Indian Theatre By Which Of The Following?

• Greeks
• Kushans
• Parthians
• Shekas

42. From Which Among The Following Rulers Has The Government Of India Borrowed And Adopted Its Symbols?

• Ashoka
• Krishnadevaraya
• Pulakesin
• Kanishka

43. Mahatma Gandhi Started His Dandi March From

• Porbandar
• Ahmadabad
• Sabarmati Ashram
• Dandi
Sabarmati Ashram

44. Who Amongst The Following Also Had The Name Devanama Piya Dassi?

• Gautam Buddha
• Mauryan King Chandragupta Maurya
• MauiyanKing Ashoka
• Bhagwan Mahavira
MauiyanKing Ashoka

45. Which Of The Following Powers Did Not Fight For The Tungabhadra Doab ?

• Pallavas And Chalukyas
• Cholas And Later Chalukyas Of Kalyana
• Vijayanagar And Bahmani Kingdoms
• Golconda And Ahmadnagar Sultanates
Golconda And Ahmadnagar Sultanates

46. The Seven Pagodas Of Mahabalipuram Are A Witness To The Art Patronised By The

• Pandyas
• Cholas
• Pallavas
• Cheras

47. The Kirti Stambha (Tower Of Victory) At Chittor Was Built By

• Rana Pratap
• Rana Kumbha
• Rana Sanga
• Bappa Raval
Rana Kumbha

48. Which Was The Only Indus Sitewith An Artificial Brick Dockyard?

• Lothal
• Kalibangan
• Harappa
• Mohenjo Daro

49. C.R. Das And Motilal Nehru Formed The Swaraj Party After

• Swadeshi Movement
• Non Cooperation Movement
• Civil Disobedience Movement
• Quit India Movement
Non Cooperation Movement

50. The Famous Kailasnath Temple At Kanchi Was Built By

• Narasimha Varman
• Mahendra Varman
• Nandi Varnan
• Danti Varman
Narasimha Varman

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