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SSC CGL History Free Mock Test

SSC CGL History Free Mock Test

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of SSC CGL Exam That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The SSC CGL Exam. Therefore, Here Have Provided The SSC CGL History Free Mock Test In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. Give Me Blood I Will Give You Freedom. These Words Are Attributed To
• Bhagat Singh
• Khudiram Bose
• Subhash Chandra Bose
• Veer Savarkar
Subhash Chandra Bose

2. For The Annexation Of Which Indian Kingdom The Doctrine Of Lapse Was Not Followed ?

• Satara
• Nagpur
• Jhansi
• Punjab

3. Who Among The Following Is The Founder Of The Azad Hind FauJ ?

• Chandrashekhar Azad
• Lala Har Dayal
• Subash Chandra Bose
• Vir Savarkar
Subash Chandra Bose

4. HavenTsang Visited India During The Reign Of

• Harshavardhan
• Chandragupta II
• Chandragupta
• Rudradaman

5. Which Of The Following Was Established First ?

• Banaras Hindu University
• University Of Bombay
• Aligarh Muslim University
• University Of Allahabad
University Of Bombay

6. In 1 An Educational Conference Endorsing Gandhi’s Proposals For Basic Education Through The Vernacular Medium Was Held At

• Surat
• Wardha
• Bombay
• Ahmadabad

7. The Dandi March Of Gandhi Is An Example Of

• Boycott
• Direct Action
• Civil Disobedience
• Noncooperation
Direct Action

8. The Monk Who Influenced Ashoka To Embrace Buddhism Was

• Badrinath
• Brahma Gupta
• Upa Gupta
• Vishnu Gupta
Upa Gupta

9. The First Defence Minister Of India Was

• Baldev Singh
• Sardar Patel
• Gopala Swami Iyer
• K. M. Cariappa
Baldev Singh

10. Amir Khusrau Was A Musician And

• Sufi Saint
• Persian And Hindi Writer And Scholar
• Historian
• All Of The Above
All Of The Above

11. Who Is The Mother Of Mahavir ?

• Yashoda
• Trishala
• Jameli
• Mahamaya

12. Pooma Swaraj (Complete Indpendence) Was Declared To Be The Goal Of The Indian National Congress In Its Session Of

• Lahore 1929
• Lucknow 1916
• Tripura 1939
• Lahore 1940
Lahore 1929

13. What Was Lala Lajpat Rai Demonstrating Against When He Succumbed To Police Brutality ?

• Pitts India Act
• Minto Morley Reforms
• Simon Commission
• Rowlatt Act
Simon Commission

14. Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha Was A Part Of

• Quit India Movement
• Non Cooperation Movement
• Civil Disobedience Movement
• Champaran Satyagraha
Civil Disobedience Movement

15. The Court Language Of The Mughals Was

• Hindi
• Persian
• Arabic
• Urdu

16. Sher Shah Defeated Humayun And Captured Gaur In The Battle Of

• Ghaghra In 1529 A.D
• Khanwa In 1527 A. D.
• Chausa In 1539 A.D.
• Panipat In 1526 A.D.
Chausa In 1539 A.D.

17. The Rama Krishna Mission Was Established By

• Rama Krishna
• M.G. Ranade
• Vivekananda
• Keshab Chandra Sen

18. Who Founded The Naujawan Bharat Sabha ?

• G. Subramania Iyer
• Sardar Bagat Singh
• Rukmani Lakshttiipath
• B.C.Pal
Sardar Bagat Singh

19. Prithviraj Chauhan Was Defeated By Mohd. Ghori In The Battle Of

• Tarain In 1191 A.D.
• Ranthambhor In 1195A.D.
• Tarain In 1192 A. D.
• Chandawar In 1193 A.D.
Tarain In 1192 A. D.

20. Fahien Visited India During The Reign Of

• Ramagupta
• Samudragupta
• Chandragupta II
• Kumaragupta
Chandragupta II

21. Jalianwala Incident Took Place At

• Surat
• Amritsar
• Lucknow
• Allahabad

22. Who Gave The Title Of Mahamana To Madan Mohan Mahrirya?

• Bal Gangadhar Tilak
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Gopal Krishna Gokhale
• Dada Bhai Naurozi
Mahatma Gandhi

23. India Was Granted Freedom During The British Prime Minister

• William Pitt
• Clement Attlee
• Winston Churchill
• Ramsay MacDonald
Clement Attlee

24. Who Among The Following Was The First Viceroy Of India ?

• Lord Cornwallis
• Robert Clive
• Lord Canning
• Pitt
Lord Canning

25. When Was Mahatma Gandhi Arrested During The Quit India Movement Of 1942 ?

• 30th April 1942
• 7th August 1942
• 5th July 1942
• 9th August 1942
9th August 1942

26. Who Expounded The Theory Of Drain

• Tilak
• Dadabhai Nauroji
• Gokhale
• Govinda Ranade
Dadabhai Nauroji

27. Khalsa Panth Was Created By GuruGobind Singh In Which Year ?

• 1707
• 1699
• 1599
• 1657

28. The Organic Relationship Between The Ancient Culture Of The Indus Valley And Hinduism Of Today Is Proved By The Worship Of

• Pashupati Indra And The Mother Goddess
• Siva And Sakti
• Stones Trees And Animals
• Vishnu And Lakshmi
Stones Trees And Animals

29. Which One Of The Following Novels Was A Source Of Inspiration For The Freedom Fighters In India?

• Anandmath
• Pariksha Guru
• Rangbhoomi
• Padmarag

30. Who Gave The Concept Of Total Revolution?

• Jayaprakash Narayan
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Karl Marx
• Lenin
Jayaprakash Narayan

31. In Which Of The Following Towns Is Moti Masjid Situated

• Agra
• Jaipur
• Lahore
• Ahmedabad

32. Epigraphy Means

• The Study Of Coins
• The Study Of Inscriptions
• The Study Of Epics
• The Study Of Geography
The Study Of Inscriptions

33. Who Among The Following Founded The All India Muslim League?

• Muhammad Ali
• Aga Khan
• Hamid Ali Khan
• Syed Ahmed Khan
Aga Khan

34. Which Of The Following Gods Are Worshipped In The Sanctum Of Badrinath And Kedarnath Temples Respectively ?

• Vishnu And Shiva
• Shiva And Vishnu
• Shiva And Parvati
• Vishnu And Brahma
Vishnu And Shiva

35. Ganhadra School Of Art Came Into Existence In

• Hinayanasect
• Mahayanasect
• Vaishnavasect
• Shaivasect

36. Which Of The Following Movements Saw The Biggest Peasant Guerilla War On The Eve Of Independence?

• Noakhali Movement
• Tebhaga Movement
• Telangana Movement
• Punnapra Vayalar Movement
Telangana Movement

37. Which Of The Following Events Made The English East India Company The Legitimate Masters Of The Bengal Suba ?

• Battle Of Plassey 1757
• Farrukh Siyars Farman 1717
• Ibrahim Khan Ka Farmaan 1690
• Battle Of Buxar 1764
Battle Of Buxar 1764

38. Prince Of Pilgrims Was The Name Attributed To

• Fahien
• Itsing
• Eiuen Tsang
• Megasthenes

39. Famous Battle Of Talikota Was Fought In

• 1565 A.D.
• 1575 A.D.
• 1585 A.D.
• 1570 A.D.
1565 A.D.

40. Which One Of The Following Cities And The Personalities Associated With Their Establishment Is Wrongly Matched ?

• Madras Francis Day
• Calcutta Robert Clive
• Ahmadabad Ahmad Shah I
• Pondicherry Francis Martin
Calcutta Robert Clive

41. Who Was The Ruler Of Delhi When Ahmad Shah Abdali Defeated The Marathas In The Third Battle Of Panipat In 1761?

• Alamgiri
• Muhammad Shah
• Jahandar Shah
• Shah Alam II
Shah Alam II

42. Gandhis Concept Of Trusteeship

• Recognizes Right Of Private Ownership Of Property
• Transforms The Capitalistic Society Into An Egalitarian One
• Excludes Legislative Regulation Of The Ownership And Use Of Wealth
• Does Not Fix Minimum Or Maximum Income
Transforms The Capitalistic Society Into An Egalitarian One

43. After Independence Hyderabad The State Of Nizam Was Taken Over By The Indian Government Through

• Negotiations
• Military Action
• Police Action
• Persuasion
military Action

44. Mahatma Gandhi Was Firat Arrested During Satyagrah In The Year

• 1917
• 1906
• 1908
• 1913

45. In Mauryan Dynasty Kalinga War Took Place In The Year

• 261BC
• 260 BC
• 126 BC
• 232 BC

46. In Which Of The Following Countries Were Buddhas Idols Disfigured And Removed Recently ?

• Iran
• Turkey
• Afghanistan
• Pakistan

47. Which One Of The Following Battles Led To The Foundation Of The Mughal Rule At Delhi ?

• First Battle Of Panipat
• Third Battle Of Panipat
• Second Battle Of Panipat
• Battle Pf Haldighati
First Battle Of Panipat

48. Who Among The Following Revolutionaries Was Executed By The British?

• Rajguru
• Kalpana Dutt
• Chandra Shekhar Azad
• Jatin Das

49. Varahamihira Was

• An Astronaut
• A Space Shuttle
• A Power Station
• An Ancient Astronomer
An Ancient Astronomer

50. Who Among The Following Is Not A Moderate?

• Surendra Nath Baneijee
• Womesh Chandra Bannerjee
• Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
• Pherozeshah Mehta
Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak

If You Are Preparing For The SSC CGL Exam, We Have Provided The Questions Answer In The Post As A Mock Test .It’s Related To Ssc Cgl Previous Year History Questions Pdf Ssc History Previous Year Questions Pdf Ssc Cgl History Questions Pdf Ssc Cgl Ssc Cgl Previous Year Gk Questions Pdf Ssc Cgl Polity Questions Pdf. If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions About Them Or If You Want To Know More About This So, Please Comment Below.

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