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Railway Group D Question Paper

Railway Group D Question Paper

If You Are Preparing For The Railway Examination, Then Here You Have Given The Answer To The Question Of Railway’s Group D Exam In One Line. You Can Easily Remember That This Question Has Already Been Asked In The Examinations And You Will Also Be Asked In The Forthcoming Examinations As This Answer Is Very Important Then Remember Them Well And If This Information Is Beneficial To You, Then Definitely Share The Shares.

For The Candidates Preparing For The Railway Examination, We Are Giving Free Online Test Free Online At The Top Of Our Website So That The Candidates Can Prepare Their Exam Very Easily. All The Questions And Answers Given Herein Have Been Asked In The First Exams And In The Forthcoming Examination, These Questions Will Also Be Asked, So If You Are Also Preparing For The Railway Examination.

1. Japan’s Currency Is Yen
2. The Study Of Pollen Is Called Polyneology
3. Article- Deals With 40 Gram Panchayats
4. Extended Form Of POET – Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminal
5. Canada Is The Leading Producer Of Uranium
6. Srinagar Is Situated On The Banks Of Jhelum River
7. Supernova Is A Bleak Star
8. Latereit Soil Is Suitable For Tea Cultivation
9. The Milk Is Present In The Protein
10. India’s First Woman Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi Was
11. Kinair Sinkona Is Obtained From
12. Bismuth Is An Example Of Magnetic Fever
13. World Bank Headquarters Washington D.C. Is In
14. The First Municipal Corporation In India Was Established In Madras .
15. Fire Extinguishers Have CO2 Gas .

16. Every Planet Runs In The Center With An Algal Wall , It Is Called The Rule Of Kepler
17. Blood Groups Discovered By Carl Ledsteiner
18. The First Railway Track In India Was Laid In 1853
19. Extended Form Of Tax – Tax Diduction At Source
20. The Republic Of Maldives Is Located In The Indian Ocean
21. International Court Of Justice Is Headquartered In The Hague
22. The Glass Is Freezed Fluid
23. WCD Cells Are Destroyed In AIDS
24. Vitamin-B6 Is Destroyed By Washing Rice Again And Again
25. Vitamin-D Deficiency Leads To Rickets Disease
26. Blood Is 30 To 40% Iron
27. Walmart Is The Author Of Mahadevi Verma
28. Father Of Geometry Euclid Is Called
29. India’s National Sport Is Hockey
30. Sawai Mansingh Stadium Is In Jaipur .

31. NMDC’s Complete Zinc Signal – National Mineral Development Corporation
32. Maro Firangoe Komangal Pandey Had Said
33. Gulliver’s Travels Is The Composition Of Jonathan Swift
34. Hanoi Is The Capital Of Vietnam
35. Bhabha Atomic Canands Are In Mumbai
36. India’s Oldest Language Is Sanskrit
37. Nobel Prize Is Given In Six Areas
38. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station In Tamil Nadu
39. Kolkata Is The Geographical Surname Of Kolkata
40. Energy Of Food Is Measured In Calories
41. Stainless Steel Is An Alloy Of Iron And Chromium
42. The City’s First Citizen Is Mayor
43. Aligarh Is Famous For The Talo
44. Green Revolution Relates To The Increased Production Of Wheat
45. Extended Message Of SMS- Short Messageing Service

46. Rajsamad Lake District Is In Rajasthan State
47. Iron Is Mainly Obtained From Hematite
48. Chandrahas Talwar Was The Main Weapon Of Ravana
49. Puppetry Is The Main Folk Dance Of Rajasthan
50. Katherine Mayo Of Mother India Book Written By
51. Moisture Is Measured With A Hygrometer Device
52. Mahavira Had Received Nirvana In Pavapuri
53. Rajasansi International Airport Is In Amritsar
54. Tirupati Is In The Valley Of The Shishchalam Hill
55. Zn Is A Sign Of The Chemical Metal Zinc
56. The Maximum Weight Of Any Body Is Found On The Poles
57. Haldia Oil Is Famous For Refining
58. Mangrove Vegetation In India Is Found In The Sundarbans
59. Mother Teresa Was Born In Albania
60. Badrinath Is Situated On The Banks Of The River Alaknanda .

61. Russia’s Name Of The Federal Space Agency Is Rascosomes
62. India’s First Vice-President Was Dr. Radha Krishnan
63. Jaigad Fort Is In Bikaner

64. Freon Gas Is Used In Refrigeration
65. Rajasthan Is The Largest District Of Jaisalmer
66. Qutub Minar Was Built By Qutubuddin Aibak
67. Medieval Lingaraj Temple Is In Bhubaneswar
68. The Copperite Is The Copper Ore
69. The Author Of Song Mystery Is Bal Gangadhar Tilak
70. An Example Of Silicon Semiconductor .

71. Jai Jagat Vinoba Bhave Had Said
72. The Religion That Emerges At The End Of India’s Scenario Is Sikh
73. The Best Conductor Of Heat In The Liquid Is Mercury
74. Sound Waves In The Air Are Longitudinal
75. The Atomic Number Of Calcium Is 20
76. Use Voltmeter To Measure The Difference Between Two Points
77. Kuchipudi Is The Popular Dance Of Andhra Pradesh
78. The Principle Of Classical Music Has Been Discussed In The Community
79. From The Submarine, The Periscope Can See The Object On The Sea Surface.
80. Ornythology Is A Study Of Birds.

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