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Indian Economy Questions And Answers For Competitive Exams

Indian Economy Questions And Answers For Competitive Exams

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of Indian Economy Exam That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The Indian Economy Exam. Therefore, Here Have Provided The Indian Economy Questions And Answers For Competitive Exams In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. What Is The Extent Of Change Of The Literacy Rate Envisaged By The End Of The Xth Five Year Plan ?
• From 60% To 70%
• From 50% To 55%
• From 65% To 75%
• From 45% To 50%
From 65% To 75%

2. Per Capita Income Is Obtained By Dividing National Income By

• Total Population Of The Country
• Total Working Population
• Area Of The Country
• Volume Of Capital Used
Total Population Of The Country

3. Among The Tax Revenues Of The Union Government What Is The Largest Source?

• Central Excise
• Corporation Tax
• Customs Duty
• Income Tax
Corporation Tax

4. The Decimal System Of Indian Currency Was Started In

• 1950
• 1957
• 1960
• 1955

5. The Symbol Of Reserve Bank Of India Is

• Capitol Of Asoka Pillar
• Tiger Before A Palm Tree
• A Dog Sitting In A Defensive State
• Kuber With A Purse Of Money
Tiger Before A Palm Tree

6. Nextzone An Information Technology SEZ Is Being Established At

• Bangalore In Karnataka
• Panvel In Maharashtra
• Secunderabad In Andhra Pradesh
• Panki In Uttar Pradesh
Panvel In Maharashtra

7. Which One Of The Following Is Not An Industrial Finance Institution?

• SFCs

8. Who Has Provided The Savings Bank Facility To The Largest Number Of Account Holders In India?

• State Bank Of India
• Punjab National Bank
• Allahabad Bank
• Post Office
Post Office

9. Which Indian Private Sector Company Has The Largest Sales Turnover?

• Hindustan Lever Ltd.
• ITC Ltd.
• Reliance Industries
• Tata Sons
Reliance Industries

10. Which One Of The Following Is Not Correct ?

• Third Five Year Plan1961 -66
• Fourth Five Year Plan1966-71
• Second Five Year Plan1956-61
• First Five Year Plan1951-56
Fourth Five Year Plan1966-71

11. Which Amidst The Following Is A PSU?

• ICICI Bank
• Citibank
• Corporation Bank
• Bank Of Rajasthan
Corporation Bank

12. The Commission In India Dealing With Minimum Support Price Procurement Price Etc In Connection With Agricultural Goods Is The

• Agricultural Price Commission
• Planning Commission
• Agricultural Costs And Prices Commission
• National Marketing Commission
Planning Commission

13. Which Among The Following Policy Of Life Insurance Company Is Related To Regular Old Age Pension?

• Jivan Kishore
• Jivan Chhaya
• Jivan Sanchay
• None Of These
None Of These

14. The Centre For Agricultural Marketing Is Located At

• Jaipur
• New Delhi
• Nagpur
• Hyderabad

15. What Has Been The Order Of India’s Imports During The Last Three Years?

• US $ 50 Billion
• US $40 Billion
• US $60 Billion
• US $ 30 Billion
US $40 Billion

16. Where Is The Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade Located ?

• Hyderabad
• New Delhi
• Mumbai
• Ahmedabad
New Delhi

17. In Centre State Financial Relations In India Gadgil Formula Is Used In

• Division Of Tax Revenue
• Formulating The Policy For Fresh Borrowings
• Writing Off States Indebtedness To The Centre
• Allocating Central Plan Assistance Between States
division Of Tax Revenue

18. Under The Minimum Reserve System The Reserve Bank Of India As The Sole Authority Of Note Issue Is Required To Maintain Assets Worth Not Less Than

• 200 Crores Of Rupees
• 85 Crores Of Rupees
• 210 Crores Of Rupees
• 115 Crores Of Rupees
200 Crores Of Rupees

19. Which Of The Following PSU’s Has Been Privatised?

• Hotel Corporation Of India

20. Who Coined The Term Hindu Rate Of Growth For Indian Economy?

• A.K. Sen
• Kirit S. Parikh
• Raj Krishna
• Montek Singh Ahluwalia
Raj Krishna

21. The Largest Share Of India’s National Income Originates In The

• Secondary Sector
• Tertiary Sector
• Primary Sector
• Any Of The Above
Tertiary Sector

22. Which Plan Gave Emphasis On Removal Of Poverty For The First Time ?

• Sixth
• Fifth
• Seventh
• Fourth

23. Token Privatisation Or Deficit Privatisation Of Public Sector Units Occur When The Government Sells

• 10% Of Shares
• 15 % Of Shares
• 5% Of Shares
• 20% Of Shares
5% Of Shares

24. Reserve Bank Of India Was Nationalised In

• 1949
• 1948
• 1947
• 1951

25. Which Amidst The Following Is A PSU ?

• Karnataka Bank
• Bank Of Rajasthan
• Bank Of Lndia
• Bank Of Punjab
Bank Of Lndia

26. In Which Sector Of The Indian Economy Is Productivity The Highest

• Agriculture
• Manufacturing
• Transport Communication And Commerce
• Other Sectors

27. Which Amidst The Following Banks Was Converted To A Universal Bank Recently?

• Punjab National Bank
• UTI Bank
• ICICI Bank
• IndusIand Bank

28. Which Is Not The Objective Of Public Procurement And Distribution System Followed By Indian Government ?

• Maintain Price Stability Through Creation Of Buffer Stocks
• Control The Production Of Food Grains
• Protect The Interests Of Both Consumers And Poor Farmers
• Reduce Personal And Regional Inequality In The Distribution
Control The Production Of Food Grains

29. Reserve Bank Of India Keeps Some Securities Against Notes. These Securities Are Always Less In Comparison To

• Government Bonds
• Gold
• Gold Foreign Bonds And Government Bonds
• Gold And Foreign Bonds
Gold Foreign Bonds And Government Bonds

30. The Government Of India Made It Obligatory On The Part Of All Commercial Banks That They Should Give Some Cash Amount While Purchasing Government Bonds. What Would You Call This?

• Statutory Liquidity Ratio
• Cash Reserve Ratio
• Minimum Reserve Ratio
• Floating Reserve Ratio
Statutory Liquidity Ratio

31. What Are “Open Market Operations”?

• Selling Of Gilt-Edged Securities By The Government
• Activities Of SEBI Registered Brokers
• Selling Of Currency By The RBI
• Sale Of Shares By Fll’s
Selling Of Gilt-Edged Securities By The Government

32. Which Among The Following Subjects Is Not An Aim Of The Monetary Policy Of The Reserve Bank Of India ?

• Direct Credit With Objective Criteria
• To Control Pressure Of Inflation
• To Ensure Social Justice
• Giving Impetus To Economic Development
To Ensure Social Justice

33. ICI Is The Name Associated With

• A MNC Which Manufactures Chemicals
• Indian Cement Industry
• Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
• A Private Sector Bank
a MNC Which Manufactures Chemicals

34. Which Of The Following Mahatma Gandhi Series Of Currency Notes Issued By The RBI Has A Drawing Of The Parliament House Depicted On It?

• Rs. 100
• Rs. 50
• Rs. 10
• Rs. 500
Rs. 50

35. To Achieve High Rates Of Growth Of National Output The Economy Has To

• Reduce The Rate Of Growth Of Population
• Step Up The Rate Of Savings
• Borrow Foreign Capital
• Increase The Rate Of Investment And Reduce The Capital Output Ratio
increase The Rate Of Investment And Reduce The Capital Output Ratio

36. EXIM Policy 2002-07 Has Set A Target To Achieve A Share In The Global Trade By 2007 At

• 2.0 Per Cent
• 1.5 Per Cent
• 1.0 Percent
• 0.5 Per Cent
1.0 Percent

37. Which Amidst The Following Banks Was Recently Converted To A ”Universal Bank” ?

• Corporation Bank
• Bank Of Baroda
• Canara Bank
• IDBI Bank

38. The Reserve Bank Of India Issues Currency Notes Under

• Maximum Fiduciary System
• Minimum Reserve System
• Proportional Reserve System
• Fixed Fiduciary System
minimum Reserve System

39. Fiscal Policy Is Concerned With

• Public Revenue
• Public Expenditure And Debt
• Bank Rate Policy
• Both

40. Which Authority Recommends The Principles Governing The Grant Sin Aid Of The Revenues Of The States Out Of The Consolidated Fund Of India?

• Public Accounts Committee
• Union Ministry Of Finance
• Finance Commission
• Interstate Council
Finance Commission

41. Chairman Of The Eleventh Finance Commission Was

• A.M. Khusro
• Vljay Kelkar
• Deepak Parekh
• Manmohan Singh
A.M. Khusro

42. Currency Notes Of Rs. 2 Denomination And Above Are Liabilities Of

• All Of The Above
• Reserve Bank Of India
• Government Of India
• State Bank Of India
Reserve Bank Of India

43. What Is The Purpose Of The India Brand Equity Fund ?

• To Promote Inbound Tourism.
• To Organize Trade Fairs
• To Make Made In India A Label Of Quality
• To Provide Venture Capital To IT Sector.
To Make Made In India A Label Of Quality

44. Which Amidst The Following Taxes Collected By The Union Is NOT Mandated To Be Assigned To The States?

• Taxes On Railway Fares And Freights
• Taxes On Consignment Of Goods
• Service Tax
• Terminal Taxes On Goods Or Passengers Carried By Railway Sea Or Air
Service Tax

45. The Concept Of Mixed Economy Means

• To Have Balanced Development In The Agricultural And Industrial Sector
• Simultaneous Development Of The Rural And Urban Sector
• To Have Equal Distribution Of Wealth Among The Rural And The Urban Poor
• Simultaneous Existence Of The Private And Public Sector
simultaneous Existence Of The Private And Public Sector

46. The Preparation Of National Income Estimates Is The Responsibility Of The

• Planning Commission
• National Development Council
• National Sample Survey Organisation
• Central Statistical Organisation
Central Statistical Organisation

47. Which Among The Following Indian State Does Not Transacts Its Business Through Reserve Bank Of India?

• Sikkim
• Jammu And Kashmir
• Arunachal Pradesh
• Mizoram
Jammu And Kashmir

48. For Whom Was The First Departmental Life Insurance Started ?

• Life Insurance Corporation
• Employees Of Postal Department
• Army
• Civil Officers Of Central Government
Employees Of Postal Department

49. Under Which Act Policy Was The BIFR Established ?

• Companies Act
• Sick Industrial Companies Act
• MRTP Act
• Industrial Policy Of 1980
Sick Industrial Companies Act

50. Where Is The Biggest Private Sector Power Project In India Located?

• Neyveli In Tamil Nadu
• Rajahmundry In Andhra Pardesh
• Korba In Madhya Pradesh
• Dabhol In Maharashtra
Rajahmundry In Andhra Pardesh

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