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General Science Biology Quiz Questions and Answers Online Test

General Science Biology Quiz Questions And Answers Online Test

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of General Science Biology Exam That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The General Science Biology Exam. Therefore, Here Have Provided The General Science Biology Quiz Questions And Answers Online Test In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. What Ions Determine The Resting Potential Of A Nerve?
• Sodium And Calcium
• Calcium And Copper
• Potassium And Calcium
• Sodium And Potassium
Sodium And Potassium

2. When The Potential Difference Across A Membrane Of A Neuron Equals The Threshold, What Results?

• Movement Of The Membrane
• Action Potential
• Relaxation
• Contraction
action Potential

3. During Inspiration, The Diaphragm Moves:

• Down By Contraction
• Down By Relaxation
• Up By Contraction
• Up By Relaxation
down By Contraction

4. The Major Fibrous Proteins Are:

• Peptone And Edestin
• Glutelin And Leucine
• Valine And Lysine
• Myosin And Actin
myosin And Actin

5. Myelin Sheaths Are Found:

• Surrounding Tendons
• Covering The Brain
• Covering Muscles
• Around Axons Of Neurons
Around Axons Of Neurons

6. Select The INCORRECT Statement Concerning The Muscular System.

• Bones Contact Other Bones At Joints.
• Flexors Decrease The Angle Of A Joint.
• Adductors Move A Limb Away From The Midline.
• Tendons Attach Muscle To Bone.
Tendons Attach Muscle To Bone.

7. Synapsis And Crossing Over Of Chromosomes Occurs In Which Phases Of Meiosis?

• Interphase
• Prophase
• Meterphase
• Teleophase

8. Bile Has What Function In Digestion?

• Digest Proteins
• Emulsify Lipids
• Gluconeogenesis (Pron: Glue-Ko-Nee-O-Gen-E-Sis)
• Digest Carbohydrates
emulsify Lipids

9. In Cell Division, The Phase Following The Metaphas Is Known As:

• Telophase
• Extophase
• Anaphase
• Prophase

10. In Most Axons, The Myelin Sheath Is Interrupted At Intervals Of About 1 Millimeter Or More. These Interruptions Are Called The:

• Glial
• Nodes Of Ranvier (Pron: Ron-Vee-Ay)
• Collaterals
• Nodes Of Babinet
Nodes Of Ranvier (Pron: Ron-Vee-Ay)

11. Which Of The Following Is NOT A Mode Of Genetic Exchange Within A Bacterial Population?

• Conjugation
• Transduction
• Transformation
• Translation

12. The Part Of The Human Brain Which Is An Important Relay Station For The Sensory Impulses And Also Is The Origin Of Many Of The Involuntary Acts Of The Eye Such As The Narrowing Of The Pupil In Bright Light Is The:

• Midbrain
• Corpus Callosum
• Cerebellum`
• Hypothalamus

13. The Physical Appearance And Properties Of An Organism Which Is The Expression Of The Genetic Makeup Is Called The:

• Phenotype
• Pangenesis
• Parental Trait
• Genotype

14. Of The Following, Which Is A Basic Need Of All Living Things?

• Oxygen Gas
• Light
• Hydrogen Gas
• Water

15. The Placenta In Humans Is Derived From The:

• Embryo Only
• Uterus Only
• Endometrium And Embryo
• None Of The Above
endometrium And Embryo

16. Surplus Red Blood Cells, Needed To Meet An Emergency, Are MAINLY Stored In What Organ Of The Human Body? Is It The:

• Pancreas
• Liver
• Spleen
• Kidneys

17. Which Of The Following Is NOT A Characteristic Shared By Most Of The Members Of The Kingdom Plantae?

• They Are Multicellular
• They Are Nonmotile
• They Possess Bilateral Symmetry
• There Is An Alternation Of Haploid And Diploid Generations
There Is An Alternation Of Haploid And Diploid Generations

18. Which Of The Following Is NOT A Function Of The Kidney?

• Excretion Of Urea
• Regulation Of Fluids And Electrolytes
• Defecation
• Elimination Of Toxic Substances

19. The Number Of Mature Gametes Resulting From Meiosis In The Female Is:

• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4

20. Organisms With Cells Containing Two Sets Of Parental Chromosomes Are Called:

• Diploid
• Bisomal
• Haploid
• Autosomal

21. Digestion Of PROTEINS Begins In Which Of The Following Human Organs?

• Small Intestines
• Colon
• Mouth
• Stomach

22. Which Of The Following Statements Is TRUE Of Insulin? Is It:

• Secreted By The Pancreas
• A Protein
• Involved In The Metabolism Of Glucose
• All Of The Above
all Of The Above

23. A Heart With A Single Atrium And Single Ventricle Is A Characteristic Of Adult:

• Amphibians
• Arthropods
• Birds
• Fish

24. .Once The Erythrocytes Enter The Blood In Humans, It Is Estimated That They Have An Average Lifetime Of How Many Days. Is It:

• 10 Days
• 120 Days
• 200 Days
• 360 Days
120 Days

25. The Resting Potential Of A Neuron Is Dependent On What Two Ions?

• Lead And Calcium Ions
• Calcium And Phosphate Ions
• Sodium And Potassium Ions
• Potassium And Phosphate Ions
lead And Calcium Ions

26. During The Final Stage Of Cell Division, The Mitotic Apparatus Disappears, The Chromosomes Become Attenuated, The Centrioles Duplicate And Split, The Nuclear Membrane Becomes Reconstituted And The Nucleolus Reappears. This Phase Of Cell Division Is Known As:

• Metaphase
• Anaphase
• Telophase
• Prophase (Pron: PrO-Phase)

27. The Blastula Develops Into The:

• Gastrula
• Morula
• Endoderm
• Zygote

28. When A Human Donor Gives A Pint Of Blood, It Usually Requires How Many Weeks For The Body RESERVE Of Red Corpuscles To Be Replaced? Is It:

• 21 Weeks
• 7 Weeks
• 3 Weeks
• 1 Week
7 Weeks

29. The Condition In Which There Is A DECREASE In The Number Of White Blood Cells In Humans Is Known As:

• Leukopenia (Pron: Lew-KO-Pea-Nee-Ah)
• Leukocytosis (Pron: Lew-KO-Sigh-Toe-Sis)
• Leukemia (Pron: Lew-Kee-Me-Ah)
• Leukohyperia (Pron: Lew-KO-High-Per-E-Ah)
Leukopenia (Pron: Lew-KO-Pea-Nee-Ah)

30. A Botanist Is Most Likely To Study:

• Monerans
• Protistans (Pron: Pro-Tis-Tans)
• Fungi
• Virions

If You Are Preparing For The General Science Biology Exam, We Have Provided The Questions Answer In The Post As A Mock Test .It’s Related To Biology Quiz Questions And Answers Pdf General Knowledge In Biology Human Body General Biology Test Questions And Answers Biology Quiz Questions For Class 12 Biology Quiz Questions And Answers For Class 10. If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions About Them Or If You Want To Know More About This So, Please Comment Below.

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