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Ancient Indian History Objective Questions And Answers

Ancient Indian History Objective Questions And Answers

This Mock Test Is Good To Practice The Questions Of Ancient Indian History Exam That Are As The Same Pattern Main Exam .Candidates Are Required To Practice Hard To Score Well In The Ancient Indian History Exam. Therefore, Here Have Provided The Ancient Indian History Objective Questions And Answers In Which Many Questions Available To Help You And Improve Your Skills. These Tests Will Determine Your Current Status And Position. These Will Be Based On New Pattern And Updated Syllabus. The Test Will Be Provided In English And If You Want To Give It In Hindi Then Visit Our Hindi Website.

1. Which Of The Following Chinese Pilgrim Gives Account Of The First Gupta Ruler?
• Itsing
• Huen Tsang
• Fa Hien
• None Of The Above

2. Who Among The Following Assumed The Titles Of Sakayavanpallavanidusana (Destroyer Of Saka, Yavana And Pallavas) And Trisamudrapittoyvahana (One Whose Horses Had Drunk Waters From 3 Oceans) ?

• Gautami Putra Satkarni
• Simuka
• Rudra Daman I
• Vijaya
Gautami Putra Satkarni

3. How The Hero Of Malvikagnimitra Of Kalidasa Was Related To Pushyamitra Sunga?

• His Son
• His Grandson
• His Father
• His Brother
His Son

4. Who Among The Following Professed Suddhadvaita Philosophy?

• Swami Krishnananda
• Ramanada
• Vallabha Acharya
• Guru Jambheshwar
Guru Jambheshwar

5. Who Among The Following Succeeded Pushyamitra Shunga?

• Agnimitra
• Sujyestha
• Vajramitra
• Devbhuti

6. The Practice Of Polyandry Was Common In Which Of The Following In Ancient India?

• Kushanas
• Greeks
• Shakas
• Hunas

7. Bhagwati Sutra Is Related To Which Of The Following Religions?

• Buddhism
• Jainism
• Hinduism
• Sikhism

8. Which Among The Following Sites Of Indus Valley Era Is Considered As The Oldest “Ploughed Field” In The World?

• Harappa
• Kalibangan
• Lothal
• Rangpur

9. Which Among The Following Buddhist Work Is Written In Sanskrit?

• Mahavamsha
• Deepavamsha
• Divyadan
• Milinda Panho

10. Aihole Inscription Is Ascribed To Which Of The Following Rulers ?

• Pulkeshin II
• Rudradaman
• Kharvela
• Ashoka
Pulkeshin II

11. In Ancient India, The Area Around Which Among The Following Modern Areas Was Known As “Golden Chersonese” ?

• Kashmir, Hindukush, Afghanistan
• Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Burma
• Australia, New Zealand
• Iran, Iraq And Persian Gulf
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Burma

12. Under Which Of The Following Trees, Buddha Got Enlightment?

• Ficus Benghalensis
• Ficus Religiosa
• Ficus Microcarpa
• Ficus Elastica
Ficus Religiosa

13. “Manas Khand” Which Is Mentioned In Various Ancient Hindu Scriptures Belongs To /Refers To Which Of The Following Modern States Of India?

• Gujarath
• Punjab
• Himachal Pradesh
• Uttrakhand

14. The ‘Saptanga Theory Of State’ (Theory Of Seven Limbs Of The State) Was Propounded By :

• Kautilya In Arthashastra
• Manu In Manusmriti
• Kalhana In Rajatarangini
• Banabhatta In Harshacharita
Kautilya In Arthashastra

15. Dhravya Guna Shastra, Which Deals With Several Species Of Medicinal Plants Is A Part Of Which Among The Following ?

• Sushruta Samhita
• Charak Samhita
• Ayruveda
• Ashtanga Hridaya

16. Which Of The Following Works Credits ‘Pushyabhuti’ As The Founder Of The Vardhana Dynasty ?

• Harshacharita
• Banskhera Inscription Of Harsha
• Yuan-Chwang
• Kadambari

17. In Which Among The Following , The First Description About The Bhils , A Tribe Of Rajasthan Was Found?

• Vedas
• Brahmanas
• Mahabharata
• Puranas

18. During Whose Reign Gandhāran Style Of Art Flourished?

• Guptas
• Hunas
• Satavahanas
• Kushans

19. Which Among The Following Correctly Explains Bhikkhunī Pātimokkha Of Buddhism?

• Buddhist Monks Under Whose Supervision Buddhist Nuns Were To Live
• Special Places Which Were Used By Buddhist Nuns For Worship
• Special Code Of Conduct For Female Buddhist Monks Or Buddhist Nuns
• Special Book Which Narrates Jataka Story Of Buddha
Special Code Of Conduct For Female Buddhist Monks Or Buddhist Nuns

20. Who Among The Following Had Written “Rajavalipataka”?

• Kalhana
• Pandit Jonaraja
• Pandit Shrivara
• Pandit Prajabhatta
Pandit Prajabhatta
21. Who Among The Following Had Written “Rajavalipataka”?
• Kalhana
• Pandit Jonaraja
• Pandit Shrivara
• Pandit Prajabhatta
Pandit Prajabhatta

22. At Which Of The Following Places Aphsad Inscription Has Been Found Which Gives Account Of Later Guptas?

• Bhagalpur
• Gaya
• Bhubneshwar
• Alwar

23. Which Among The Following Was The Most Famous Learning Centre During Maurya Period?

• Ujjain
• Taxila
• Nalanda
• Vikramsila

24. Which Among The Following Chera King Is Famous For The Legends Surrounding Kannagi ( He Built A Temple Dedicated To Kannagi) And Is Also Known As ” Red Cherra” ?

• Karikala
• Senguttuvan
• Nedum Cheralathan
• Elkara

25. The Name Of The State Bihar Comes From An Old Name Which Denotes Which Of The Following?

• A Buddhist Monastery
• A Forest
• A Temple
• An Ancient Empire
A Buddhist Monastery

26. Bhagwati Sutra Gives The Valuable Information About The Life Of Which Of The Following?

• Buddha
• Mahavira
• Ajatshatru
• Meander

27. In Greek Texts, Who Among The Following Has Been Mentioned As Amitrochates?

• Bimbisara
• Bindusara
• Kautilya
• Ashoka

28. Most Of The Greeks, Kushanas & Shakas Embraced Buddhism Rather Than Hinduism. This Was Because Of The Fact That ____?

• Buddhism Has Risen And It Eclipsed Hinduism
• A Policy Of War And Violence Was To Be Renounced Before Embracing Buddhism
• Hinduism Was Caste Ridden And Was Not Able To Attract Them
• It Was Easy To Access To Indian Society By Embracing Buddhism
It Was Easy To Access To Indian Society By Embracing Buddhism

29. Which Among The Following Was The Earliest Drama Of Kalidasa?

• Vikramorvishiyam
• Malvikagnimitram
• Abhijnanshakuntalam
• Kumarasambhava

30. What Was The Name Of The Silver Coins Issued By Guptas?

• Karshapana
• Rupaka
• Dinara
• Pana

31. “Niska ” Was Used As A Medium Of Exchange, In Which Of The Following Periods?

• Vedic Period
• Maurya Period
• Gupta Period
• Sangam Period
Vedic Period

32. Who Among The Following Buddhist Philosophers Persuaded The Indo Greek King Meander To Accept Buddhism?

• Asanga
• Jambuka
• Nagasena
• Dharmakirti

33. Which Among The Following Brahaman Gave An Account Of Agricultural Operations For A Season?

• Aitreya
• Satpatha
• Kaushitaki
• Panchvimsh

34. On Which Of The Following Systems Of Hindu Philosophy, Shankaracharya Wrote Commentary In 9th Century AD?

• Sankhya
• Vaisheshika
• Yoga
• Uttarmimansa

35. Twang Is An Area In Arunanchal Pradesh In India, Recently In News Papers. It Is World Famous For Which Of The Following?

• India China Nathula Pass
• India’s Largest Buddhist Monastery
• Tibetan Museum
• School For Buddhist Studies
India’s Largest Buddhist Monastery

36. Who Among The Following Was The Russia Born Buddhist Monk In Tibet Was A Study Partner And Close Associate Of The 13th Dalai Lama?

• Agvan Dorzhiev
• Anton Batagov
• Tingdzin Dokshit
• Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov
Agvan Dorzhiev

37. Who Among The Following First Postulated That ” All Objects In The Physical Universe Are Reducible To A Finite Number Of Atoms”?

• Maharishi Kapil
• Maharishi Kanaad
• Maharish Vyas
• Maharishi Patanjali
Maharishi Kanaad

38. Which Among The Following Sites Of Indus Valley Civilization Is Located On The Banks Of River Indus In Larkana District Of Pakistan?

• Harappa
• Mehrgarh
• Suktagendor
• Mohen Jo Dero
Mohen Jo Dero

39. Extensive Burning Of The Forest Marks Which Of The Following Era?

• Copper Phase
• Early Vedic Era
• Later Vedic Era
• Chalcolithic Era
Later Vedic Era

40. Which Among The Following Is Not A Correct Pair?

• Ellora Caves – Rastrakuta Rulers
• Mahabalipuram – Pallava Rulers
• Khajuraho – Chandellas
• Elephanta Caves – Mauyra Era
Elephanta Caves – Mauyra Era

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